Capturing images in PFBH 108

Digital cameras are provided for image capture and subsequent analysis. The “Digital Microscopes” plug into USB, and are set up for imaging small objects close-up. Add light from the internal LEDs (switch on the camera cable), and/or from external light sources. Run the acquisition software called “amcap” on the computers. You can “take a picture” from the capture menu, and save the *.jpg file in a known location. If the capture or camera has errors, restart the amcap software.

Camera can be mounted with the stand provided, or attached to your pole/clamp system.

Computers in the lab also have “ImageJ” software (free download) that can be used for simple image analysis, for example, you can open the saved image file, then use the line/length tool to draw a line, and the measure function to show the length of the line. The default units are pixels. ImageJ has many powerful analysis tools and routines that may come in handy in BE172 and beyond.